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Liberty Human Rights Act Poll

A public opinion poll on behalf of Liberty.

Date Published: 26 Sep 2010

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Britain agrees: what’s not to love about the Human Rights Act?
On tenth anniversary of Act, polling shows overwhelming support
Today Liberty celebrates a decade of the Human Rights Act by releasing polling data that shows mass support (96%) for a law that protects rights and freedoms in Britain. The ComRes polling, commissioned by Liberty, sends a clear message to all political parties about the importance of the Human Rights Act.

Yet less than a tenth of respondents (9%) remember ever having received or seen information from the Government explaining the Act. Ten years on, Liberty is urging politicians from all parties to do more to educate the public about the fundamental rights and freedoms contained in the Human Rights Act and to remember Britain’s role in setting an example in the wider world.

Key findings from the polling include:
·         95% of respondents believe the right to a fair trial is vital or important
·         91% believe the right not to be tortured or degraded is vital or important
·         94% believe that respect for privacy and family life is vital or important

Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, said:
"On the tenth anniversary of the Human Rights Act, this poll shows overwhelming public support for fundamental rights and freedoms. We hope the politicians are listening."

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