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Survey of London businesses on behalf of the LCCI and London Councils.

  • London business leaders are most likely to say that skills shortages among job applicants is the main challenge for their business in terms of skills and the labour market over the next 12 months (28%), followed by Brexit (21%). One in five businesses say that they do not forsee any challenges over the next 12 months (19%).
  • Just over half of London businesses have tried to recruit new staff in the past 12 months, in line with the previous wave of research (55% in both June 2018 and June 2017). Of those who have, they are most likely to have done so for skilled manual or technical roles (52%), followed by professional or managerial roles (43%).
  • Those who have tried to recruit in the past 12 months are most likely to say that technical or job-specific skills were the main skills lacking among candidates (31%).
  • Approaching one in five London businesses employ an apprentice (17%), up from just 8% recorded in the previous wave of research in 2017.
  • Half of London businesses say they would be more likely to increase the number of apprentices they employ if they received financial support to help pay apprentices’ wages (52%) or for apprentices’ training and development (52%). A similar proportion say they would also be more likely to increase the number of apprentices their business employs if apprenticeship candidates were better prepared for the world of work (48%).

Date Published: 19/07/2018

Categories: Business | Economy | London | Professionals

Client: LCCI / London Councillors


ComRes interviewed 1,020 business leaders by telephone between the 15th May and 20th June 2018. Data were weighted to be representative of all London businesses by size, sector and borough. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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