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Heylo Shared Ownership Survey

Survey of British adults who rent privately on their attitudes towards shared ownership.

Among British adults who rent privately and excluding those who say ‘don’t know’, three quarters (78%) say that, if the same property were available to rent or to buy through shared ownership, and the cost each month was the same, they would choose to buy through shared ownership.

Further analysis of the results can be seen here:

Date Published: 12/10/2017

Categories: Economy | GB | Infrastructure | Public and communities | Retail & Consumer

Client: Heylo


ComRes interviewed 746 private renters aged 18+ living in Great Britain online, between the 1st and 7th September 2017. Private renters were identified as those who say they “Rent from someone else” other than the Council or Housing Association at the tenure screening question. Data for all GB adults were weighted to be representative of all British adults by age, gender and socio-economic grade, with further weighting applied to also be representative of private renters by region.

Results for each question exclude respondents who answered ‘don’t know’ at that question.

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