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GoodPractice: The Secret Learning Life of UK Managers Survey

Survey of UK managers for GoodPractice on overcoming unfamiliar challenges

  • The method used most frequently by managers to help them overcome unfamiliar challenges is having conversations with colleagues – 88% report doing this at least once a month.  This is followed by use of internet search engines (75%) and on-the-job support from another manager or colleague (70%).
  • Most managers (84%) agree that information they learn online helps them to be more effective in their professional role.
  • The most challenging tasks, according to managers, both concern change in the workplace; 74% say that dealing with resistance to organisational change is challenging, and 72% say this about implementing organisational change.

The full report by GoodPractice can be found here.

Date Published: 03/12/2015

Categories: Business | Education | Professionals | UK

Client: GoodPractice


ComRes  interviewed  500  managers at  UK  companies  with  more  than 250  employees  by  telephone  between  18th  and  24th  September  2015.  The  sample  was  profiled  to  be nationally representative by region.

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