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Daily Mail / ITV News Political Poll 10th April 2015

Political poll for Daily Mail and ITV News, including voting intention.


The Liberal Democrats see the biggest gains in this week’s ComRes telephone poll for the Daily Mail and ITV News, up three points since our last poll at the start of the election campaign. On 12%, they draw level with UKIP, who are unchanged. This is the first time since September 2013 that UKIP have failed to outpoll the Liberal Democrats.

In the battle between the two main parties, the Conservatives are down two to 34%, and Labour is on 33%. While the Conservative lead is down, Labour is yet to see a lead in a ComRes telephone poll this year, reflecting the recent trend of a small, but existent lead for the Conservatives. Nevertheless the race remains tight between the two parties given the uncertain mechanics of turning votes into seats.

Con 34% (-2)

Lab 33% (+1)

Lib Dem 12% (+3)

UKIP 12% (NC)

Green 4% (-1)

Others 6% (-1)

Katharine Peacock, Managing Director of ComRes, said: “Political tradition suggests the Liberal Democrats increase their support during the campaign period, benefitting from increased media coverage. However after a desperate five years in terms of public support, this poll may be the first sign of such a recovery happening again. But they start from a long way behind. The Lib Dems are now in a different race, battling UKIP and the SNP for the third place, rather than snapping at the heels of the main two parties.”

Key points:

Role of the SNP:

  • Half of all voters say the SNP should be allowed to try and form a government with whichever they prefer (50%). However, a third (32%) say they should try and form a government with the party with the most MPs.
  • Around a third of the British public (30%) say that they would be more likely to support Scotland remaining part of the UK if the SNP helps Labour form a government, while 14% say they would be more likely to support Scotland leaving the UK if this were to happen.
  • However, two fifths (39%) say it would have no impact on their support on the union.

Leaders’ families:

  • Seven in ten Britons say they don’t need to know about the families of politicians because they are only voting for the politicians themselves (71%).
  • A quarter say it is important to get to know the wives and families of party leaders to understand their character better (25%).

Trust on the economy:

  • The British public are more likely to trust the Conservatives than Labour most to continue growing the economy (46% v 28%) and make the right level of cuts to government spending (38% v 32%).
  • Following the ‘non-dom’ tax row, the public are split in their trust of both main parties in setting the right levels of tax for everyone (36% for both).

Date Published: 10th April 2015

Categories: GE2015 | Politics | Public and communities | UK

Client: ITV News / Daily Mail


ComRes interviewed 1,013 GB adults by telephone between 7th and 8th April 2015. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GB adults. Data were also weighted by past vote recall. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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