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Cuts Index Poll for ITV News

The Cuts Index is a 52-week study of public attitudes and experiences conducted for ITV News

Date Published: 18 Oct 2010

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A ComRes poll for ITV News will show a lack of public trust in the Coalition and claims that the cuts are unfair even before the Spending Review takes place.

The first instalment of the Cuts Index, conducted by ComRes and to be broadcast on ITV News at Ten, will show that only 43% of the public trust David Cameron to see the country through the current economic climate, while 32% trust George Osborne, and 34% trust Nick Clegg.

Asked if the way that the Government is cutting public spending is fair, 38% agree, and 43% disagree. Breaking this question down by social class, more than half (51%) of those in DE social groups saying the Government is being unfair, compared to 42% of those in AB social groups saying the same.

This difference could be accounted for by the fact that respondents believe that those worst affected by the cuts will be adults on middle incomes (37%) and adults on low incomes (35%). In addition, 10% of the public think that adults on high incomes will be worst affected, 14% think the elderly will suffer most, and just 4% think children will be worst affected.

Looking ahead, 38% of the public believe the Government is on course for another wave of recession, compared to 24% who are more optimistic.

And asked about their personal happiness, 83% of people said they are happy compared to 17% who are unhappy.

The findings of this first instalment of the Cuts Index will be broadcast on ITV News at Ten on 19th October.

Continuous polling by ComRes will take place over the next 12 months to chart the public’s views on these topics of the coalition, financial wellbeing, public services and personal happiness as austerity measures start to bite.

ComRes surveyed 2009 adults online between 13th and 15th October. Data were weighted to be representative demographically of all GB adults. Questions 1, 2 and 9 were weighted by past vote recall.

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