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ComRes EU Trade Relationships Brussels Influencers Survey

 A ComRes survey of Brussels Influencers on EU trade relationships.

Date Published: 27 Feb 2013

Categories: Economy | Europe | Opinion Formers | Politics


 The 27 EU Member States account for a massive one-sixth of the world’s trade.  Given this, it is unsurprising that  the  EU  is  such  a  major  trading  partner  for  so  many  non-EU  countries  and  a  market  for  multinational companies.  The  global  economic  downturn  has  heightened  the  need  to  understand  the  dynamics  of  these trading  relationships.  Reputation  is  everything.  In  recognition  of  this,  ComRes  has  conducted  research  to understand  the  perceptions  of  senior  opinion  leaders  in  Brussels  relating  to  international  trade  relationships and perceptions of corporations from key trade partner countries. 

The  survey  explores  which  countries  opinion  leaders  in  Brussels  feel  should  be  the  highest  priority  for  the  EU when  developing  trade  relationships.  It  also  sheds  light  on  general  perceptions  of  multinational  companies headquartered  in  each  country  in  relation  to  favourability,  trustworthiness  and  the  extent  to  which  companies are seen as being responsible in their business practices. 
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ComRes surveyed 200 senior decision  makers  in  Brussels including   representatives   from   the   European   Commission,   Permanent   Representations   and Parliament  as  well  as  interest  groups,  business  leaders,  NGOs,  think  tanks,  academics,  and  the media from November to December 2012 online. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules. 

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