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CNN Monarchy Poll

Poll 2,011 Britons for CNN on The Duchess of Cornwall being known as Queen

More Britons oppose than support the Duchess of Cornwall being known as Queen when Prince Charles ascends the throne.

One in four (25%) British adults support Camilla being known as the Queen while a third (35%) oppose it. However, more than a third (36%) neither support nor oppose the move.

Q1. When Prince Charles becomes King, his wife Camilla Parker Bowles (The Duchess of Cornwall) will automatically become Queen. How strongly, if at all, do you support or oppose Camilla being known as the Queen?

Support / Oppose %
NET: Support 25%
NET: Oppose 35%
Strongly support 11%
Tend to support 14%
Neither/nor 36%
Tend to oppose 12%
Strongly oppose 23%
Don’t know 4%

Base: All GB adults (n=2,011).


Two thirds (63%) of Britons say their feelings towards Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall are unchanged over the last 10 years. However, one in four (23%) say they like her more now than 10 years ago when she married Prince Charles, while just 4% say they like the Duchess less.

Q2. Prince Charles and Camilla have now been married for 10 years. Which of the following statements comes closest to your own personal view about Camilla?


Statement %
I like Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, more now than I did 10 years ago 23%
My feelings towards Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall, are unchanged 63%
I like Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, less now than I did 10 years ago 4%
Don’t know 10%

Base: All GB adults (n=2,011).

Date Published: 13th March, 2015

Categories: Public and communities | Social | UK

Client: CNN


ComRes interviewed 2,011 British adults online between 13th-15th February 2015. Data were weighted to be representative of all GB adults aged 18+. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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