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Chartered Insurance Institute Financial Education Poll

A public opinion survey on behalf of the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Date Published: 12 Dec 2011

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78% believe people’s knowledge of financial matters is poor 
94% believe people should take more responsibility for financial planning 

Ahead  of  the  All  Party  Parliamentary  Group  on  Financial  Education  for  Young  People
publishing  its  report  today,  research  from  the  Chartered  Insurance  Institute  (CII)  shows
overwhelming public support (94%) for financial education to be taught in schools. 

The  survey,  the  third  since  2004,  showed  public  attitudes  have  remained  almost  consistent
since  the  last  survey  in  2008,  when  96%  of  the  respondents  said  that  people  should  take
more responsibility for their financial planning and that financial education should form part of
the  national  curriculum  (95%).   There  was  a  marked  change  in  the  public  response to  both
questions  compared  to  the  same  survey  in  2004,  when  85%  said  people  should  take  more
responsibility  for  their  own  financial  planning  and  75%  felt  that  financial  education  should
form part of the curriculum.  

Daniel Pedley, public affairs manager – CII, commented:  “This survey shows a strong public
belief that people should take more responsibility for their own financial planning.  We believe
the recession and subsequent austerity have been influential in creating this attitude; it’s also
underpinned  by  a  long  term  switch  in  responsibility  moving from  the  State  to  the  individual,
as highlighted in the latest British Attitudes Survey.

The survey was carried out by ComRes on behalf of the CII.  ComRes interviewed 1005 GB adults by
telephone  between  18th  and  20th  November  2011.  Data  were  weighed  to  be  representative
demographically of all GB adults.  
ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules

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