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Lead Not Leave – Brexit Research

A survey of GB adults on Brexit

  • Overall, similar proportions of GB adults chose remaining in the EU with the suggested changes as leaving the EU with No Deal (39% vs. 38%). However, a significant minority say neither of the above or don’t know (21%).
  • Of those who express a preference, GB adults are divided over which Brexit option they would choose with half saying they would prefer the UK to remain a member of the EU with the suggested changes (51%) and half saying that they would prefer to leave the EU with a No Deal (49%). Among those who express a preference:
    • In line with EU Referendum results, young adults aged 18-34 are significantly more likely than older adults aged 55+ to prefer the UK continuing to remain a member of the EU with the suggested changes (72% vs. 38%). Conversely, the majority of those aged 55+ would choose a No Deal option (62% vs. 28%).

Date Published: 06/02/2019

Categories: GB | Politics | Public and communities

Client: Acuitas Communications


ComRes interviewed 4,073 GB adults online between 23rd and 27th January 2019. Data were weighted to be representative of all British adults by age, gender, region and social grade. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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