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Behavioral research

Applying a behavioral science lens will navigate you through complexity and nuance. It gives you a complete understanding of your target audience and reveals how to increase ROI.

Our approach

Humans are complicated. What we say and what we do are often at odds – our decisions and perceptions can be irrational. But how can you increase awareness, satisfaction, conversions, and growth when customers’ actions are so hard to predict?

Our behavioral insights ensure that tactics and recommendations are effective and relevant. They’re grounded in people’s real lives and their underlying attitudes. Typical market research services will tell you what people think. To make better decisions, it’s important to go a step further and understand how people think. In our behavioral toolkit, you’ll find:

  • Ethnography and unobtrusive observations
  • Implicit brand associations
  • Implicit conjoint and trade-off analysis
  • Priming
  • Psychometric and biometric analysis
  • Web-alongs, shop-alongs, and much more

We want you to increase ROI with effective communications and initiatives – informed by true user behavior and mindsets.

Research benefits

Applying a behavioral science lens shows you the full picture of how customers behave and the reasons why.

Addressing challenges

Our scientific style of behavioral thinking brings a refreshing and revitalizing perspective to your challenges.

Changing behavior

If you can understand, predict and influence behavior, you're on the road to improving performance against key metrics.

Increasing ROI

It's what we all want for our brands. Maximum awareness of key messages. Increased customer satisfaction. Improved conversions and growth.

Finding new opportunities

Uncover new opportunities based on people’s real lives, actions and decisions. Ensure your strategies are aligned to customer behaviour.



We evaluate the role of context and how it influences decision-making, actions, and the customer experience. We use tried-and-tested quantitative and qualitative research to explore the stated, implicit, and ethnographic.


Apply a behavioral science lens

Understand, predict, and influence behaviour. Our team of behavioral experts use specialized, collateral knowledge to explain the findings.



Get practical, relevant tactics and strategic recommendations - grounded in insights - to initiate the desired behavior changes effectively.

Research methods

Data analysis & visualization

Data analysis & visualization



Quantitative research

Quantitative research

Research methods

Research methods

Case studies

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