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Opinion polling

Don’t sit on the fence! Make informed decisions based on popular consensus, with insights from a leading public opinion research company.

Our approach

When you need to understand the public mood towards today’s big issues and debates – head to the polls.

Need opinion polls for the press? Communications? Policy development? Message testing? No problem – you’ll receive rapid results that make a real impact.

We provide options to dive deeper into subgroups and add advanced analytical techniques, creating bespoke opinion polling packages for all occasions. We advise on the approach, audience, and depth of analysis required. We continually test cutting-edge methodological developments – looking for any opportunity to deliver even richer insights, quickly. Our opinion polling research reveals public attitudes and experiences via an efficient, cost-effective, timely service.

Research benefits

Testing hypotheses, policies or messages

Use polling as a quick snapshot of public sentiment, to provide evidence for strategy development and to support long-term business goals.

Informing and inspiring – fast

Receive rapid results that will help your business – or audiences – react to a fast-moving political and social landscape before it’s too late.

Understanding political opinions

Segment the public according to political stances and voting behaviours to better understand your different audiences. Tap into our strong track record of accurate results to learn how people are likely to vote.


Identifying objectives

Tell us your needs – we’ll propose the best research approach to achieve your goals, no matter how urgent.


Designing a bespoke project

We’ll design a research process and line of questioning, tailored to deliver the insights you need.


Running fieldwork

Let us take care of all the fieldwork – we ensure that all practices are best-in-class.


Analysing results and reporting

Receive headlines, detailed reports, and recommendations on how to implement the findings.


Providing aftercare

Any follow-up questions? Want some advice? Come back to us anytime for more answers or guidance. We can advise on how to maximise ROI, whether you’re publishing externally or internally.

Research methods

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