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Firmer government guidance seems to have calmed nerves

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Julian Dailly EVP 25/03/2020

Coronavirus daily tracker: 25th March 2020

We’re less worried and feel more reassured since the PM’s address to the nation

Since Monday, our ‘worry’ rating has reduced by five points (56% down to 51%). This coincides with Boris Johnson’s announcement two days ago outlining how the public should behave to help beat the pandemic.

Boris Johnson’s approval has shot up significantly, to 45% from 32% the day before.

There is an increasingly steady rise in terms of those who say they’re following all or most of the government’s advice, with almost four in five (79%) saying this, up from 71% two days ago and 58% last Wednesday.

What’s more, we’re also seeing a steady rise in those saying that they’re following the government’s advice ‘entirely’, up from 17% last Wednesday, to 28% on Sunday, to 36% yesterday.

Half (52%) of people said that they watched the Prime Minister’s press conference on Monday, with a further 18% saying that they watched it on catch-up. This is far and away the largest number to say they watched an address so far (the previous high was 44% live and 22% on catch-up last week).

The government’s approval rating is also up to 51% and, in terms of approval ratings for specific individuals, Boris Johnson’s approval has shot up significantly, to 45% from 32% the day before. It was just 16% when we started tracking.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s score has also been on a steady rise, and we’ll see tomorrow if his role in the daily briefing yesterday gives him a further boost.

Leaving the house

The numbers of people saying that they’re self-isolating has levelled off at around 36% — the same as yesterday.

More people told us yesterday that they left the house the day before than at the weekend (58% yesterday, 52% Monday and 56% Sunday). As we suspected, the weekend and fewer people going to work probably played a part in these differences.

There was also an increase in those who left the house telling us that they went to the supermarket on Monday – possibly trying to avoid the weekend rush – and similarly, probably because people were back at work (either at home or otherwise) fewer people said that they visited friends/family. This could also be due to the Prime Ministers explicit instruction not to visit loved ones.

Work and finances

As more businesses are forced to close physical spaces, working from home continues to rise with 44% saying that they are now working from home but do not usually. However, around a third (30%) say that their work requires them to attend their regular place of employment.

Those saying their income has decreased is starting to level out again around the 35% mark.

We will be updating our coronavirus tracker daily and weekly as this unprecedented pandemic unfolds. The full data set can be downloaded here. Please get in touch for more information. 

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