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Sunday Mirror / Independent on Sunday Political Poll

Voting intention and political views poll for Sunday Mirror and Independent on Sunday published 18 April 2010.

Date Published: 17 Apr 2010

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ComRes for Sunday Mirror/Independent on Sunday puts Lib Dems in second place

Con      31 (-4)
Lab      27 (-2)
LD        29 (+8)
O         13  (-2)
 (Change since last ComRes poll, for Independent/ITV News 14 April)

Additional questions:
Q1. Regardless of how I vote, Nick Clegg should play some part in the next Government
Agree              64
Disagree         23

Q2. Nick Clegg has as much credibility as David Cameron and Gordon Brown
Agree              68
Disagree          22
Q3. Nick Clegg’s performance in the debate, and the media coverage, have persuaded me to look more favourably at the Lib Dems
Agree             53
Disagree        31
Q4. The Lib Dems are more honest than the other two main parties about the country’s problems
Agree             41
Disagree        39
Q5.  I don’t really know what David Cameron stands for
                        Oct 2009           Now
Agree              48                     42
Disagree          48                     50
Q6.  I would support a phased withdrawal from Afghanistan, the aim being the end of combat operations within a year or so
                        Nov 2009          Now
Agree               71                     77
Disagree          22                     15

Q7.  The threat of terrorism on British soil is increased by British forces remaining in Afghanistan
                        Nov 2009          Now
Agree                47                     51
Disagree           44                     36
Q8.  David Cameron would handle the issue of Afghanistan better than Gordon Brown has done
                        Nov 2009          Now
Agree               39                     37
Disagree          46                     41
Q9.  Which one of these possible outcomes would you personally prefer to see from the forthcoming general election? 
                                                                                                                            LAST WEEK            THIS WEEK
a The Conservatives forming a government with an overall majority                           29%                 25%
b The Conservatives forming a government with the support of the
Liberal Democrats in a hung parliament                                                                       20%                 28%
c The Labour Party forming a government with the support of the
Liberal Democrats in a hung parliament                                                                      26%                  28%
d The Labour Party forming a government with an overall majority                             25%                  19%
ComRes telephoned a random sample of 1,006 GB adults on 16 and 17 April 2010. Data were weighted by past vote recall and demographically

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