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Political Poll for The Independent

Voting intention plus political attitudes poll for The Independent, published on 31 March 2009.

Date Published: 30 Mar 2009

Categories: Energy | Media | Politics | Public and communities | Technology & Telecoms | UK


The latest ComRes voting intention poll results for The Independent put the Conservative lead at 12%.


Con      40% (-1)

Lab      28% (-2)

LD        18% (+1)

Other   14% (-)


Additional questions:


Gordon Brown has the right policies to get Britain out of recession

Agree               31%

Disagree           58%


Gordon Brown should focus more on finding a domestic solution to the economic crisis than a global one

Agree               72%

Disagree           22%


I am optimistic that the economy will improve before the end of this year

Agree               27%

Disagree           70%


The Government is right to increase borrowing by billions to boost the economy even if it means future tax rises

Agree               30% (down from 33% in January)

Disagree           62% (up from 60% in January)

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