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ITV News Index Green Party Poll

Poll of 2,013 British adults on attitudes towards the Green Party for ITV News.

As the Green Party gathers for its conference in Liverpool this weekend, the latest poll conducted by ComRes for ITV News reveals that it is the party most likely to be associated by the British public as ‘idealistic’ (41%) and ‘amateurish’ (35%). By comparison, UKIP is seen as ‘amateurish’ too (36%), but also ‘dangerous’ (46%).

Only one in ten (9%) British adults associate the Green Party with the phrase ‘a serious party of Government’, compared to a quarter (24%) who associate the Liberal Democrats with this. A quarter (26%) connect the Greens with the phrase “fluffy”.

Britons are more likely to associate the Green Party with the phrases ‘A party of the future’ (21%) or ‘appealing’ (18%) than they would associate with the Liberal Democrats (9% and 11% respectively).

Turning to their policies, the Green Party sees widespread support (78%) for increasing the use of renewable energies, as well as for restricting the development of new supermarkets (47%).

However there is opposition to a number of its more controversial proposals. More people oppose (40%) than support (36%) the idea of a Citizen’s Income and there is more widespread opposition (49%) to reducing speed limits on urban roads and deliberately trying to reduce the size of the British economy in order to reduce the consumption of natural resources (41%).


Q: Which of the following words and phrases do you think applies to the Green Party, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP?

Statement Greens Liberal Democrats UKIP
Idealistic 41% 15% 17%
Amateurish 35% 17% 36%
Fluffy 26% 16% 7%
Honest 23% 12% 18%
A party of the future 21% 9% 23%
Refreshing 19% 5% 23%
Middle class 19% 38% 17%
Appealing 18% 11% 20%
Dangerous 13% 11% 46%
Snobby 11% 23% 14%
A serious party of government 9% 24% 16%
None of these 19% 21% 14%

Base: All GB adults (n=2,013).

Q: Do you support or oppose each of the following possible future Government policies?

Statement Support Oppose Don’t know
Deliberately trying to reduce the size of the British economy in order to reduce the consumption of natural resources 23% 41% 37%
Reducing the standard speed limit on urban roads from 30mph to 20mph 35% 49% 16%
Restricting the development of new supermarkets 47% 27% 26%
Introducing a “Citizens Income”, giving every single person in the country £72 per week irrespective of their working status or income 36% 40% 23%
Increasing the use of renewable energies 78% 9% 14%
Restricting the building of new football stadiums 37% 30% 33%
Seeking ways of reducing the size of the human population 46% 26% 28%

Base: GB adults (n=2,013).

Date Published: 6th March 2015

Categories: Consumer | Economy | Energy | GE2015 | Media | Politics | Public and communities | UK

Client: ITV News


ComRes interviewed 2,013 British adults online between 27th February and 1st March 2015. Data were weighted to be representative of all GB adults aged 18+. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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