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Independent / Sunday People Political Poll

Political poll of GB adults for The Independent / Sunday People, including Westminster voting intention


  • With less than a week to go until the vote, British adults are far more likely to say they would be delighted in the result of Britain voting to Leave the EU, rather than voting to remain (44% v 28%).
  • Similarly, more than two in five say they would be disappointed if Britain voted to Remain (44% v 33% who say the same if Britain votes to leave).
  • Despite this, many British adults remain uncertain over the future of a post-Brexit Britain; two in five say they would feel anxious if Britain votes to leave the EU next week, compared to a third who say the same for remain (41% v 33%).
  • Labour voters are more likely than their Conservative counterparts to feel anxious in the event of Britain voting to leave the EU next week (52% v 41%). This is the only emotion where a majority of voters of either major party share this sentiment.


  • When asked to rate the importance of different factors in helping them make a decision in next week’s referendum, British adults are most likely to say the side that is best for future generations is important to them (79%).
  • This is closely followed by around three quarters saying the side best for Britain’s economy (76%) and the side that will be best for the NHS (74%) are important in helping them make a decision next Thursday.
  • A majority of British adults say the side they think will be best at reducing immigration (59%) is important in helping them make a decision on the EU referendum.
  • However, this is a smaller proportion than the numbers who say the side that is best for them and their family’s financial situation is important in helping them decide how to vote next week (72%).

Voting intention

The Conservatives have maintained their lead over Labour, and this now stands at 5 points. With less than a week to go until the referendum, UKIP’s vote share has increased by 2 points to 19%.

Con      34% (-2)

Lab       29% (-1)

LD        8% (NC)

UKIP     19% (+2)

Green   4% (NC)

SNP      5% (NC)

Other   1% (NC)

Date Published: 18th June 2016

Categories: GB | Media | Politics | Voting Intention

Client: Independent / Sunday People


ComRes interviewed 2,046 GB adults online between the 15th and 16th June 2016. Figures in brackets are tracked from May 2016. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GB adults. Data were also weighted by past vote recall. Voting intention figures are calculated using the ComRes Voter Turnout Model. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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