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Independent on Sunday Poll

 January voting intention poll for the Independent on Sunday plus political attitudes, published on 18 January 2009.

Date Published: 17 Jan 2009

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The latest ComRes opinion poll for The Independent on Sunday tomorrow gives the Conservatives a nine-point lead, up from five points since the last ComRes poll. 

Con      41% (+2)
Lab      32% (-2)
LD        15% (-1)
Other   12% (+1)
(Change since last ComRes for The Independent, 23 December.)
ComRes also asked whether people agreed or disagreed with the following statements:

I expect that Barack Obama will have a better relationship with Gordon Brown than he would with David Cameron if he were prime minister:
Agree             47%
Disagree         35%
I am confident that Barack Obama will live up to the expectations people have that he will be a force for good in the world:
Agree             74%
Disagree         15%
The Labour Party is more united now than it was when Tony Blair was leader:
Agree            24%     
Disagree        63% 
The Conservative Party is not yet ready for government:
Agree            50%      September: 46%
Disagree        41%      September: 43%

ComRes telephoned 1009 GB adults on 14-15 January 2009.

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