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Independent on Sunday Poll

February voting intention poll for the Independent on Sunday plus political attitudes, published on 15 February 2009.

Date Published: 14 Feb 2009

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The Conservative lead is up to 16 points in February's ComRes poll for The Independent on Sunday.

Con     41% (no change)
Lab      25% (-7)
LD       22% (+7)
Other   12% (-)
(Change since last month's ComRes/IoS poll, published 18 January. The changes since the most recent ComRes poll for The Independent, published 26 January, are Con -2, Lab -3, Lib Dem +6)

The three-point gap between Labour and the Lib Dems is the narrowest since 2003.

Other questions:
“There should be a legal limit on pay in banks that have been bailed out with public money”
Agree – 84%
Disagree – 13%
“The top people in banks that were bailed out should be required by law to give back their bonuses”
Agree – 82%
Disagree – 16%
“MPs should give back some of their allowances as an example to the banks”
Agree – 77%
Disagree – 20%
“The Conservatives have the right ideas about how to get Britain out of recession”
Agree – 35%
Disagree – 45%

Importantly for the Tories, 45% of those who don’t know or refuse to say how they would vote disagree with this statement, and a further 37% don’t know, suggesting that they are not convincing the many undecideds that they would do a better job on the biggest issue of the day 
Full tables can be downloaded below.

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