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Independent on Sunday Poll

March voting intention poll for the Independent on Sunday plus political attitudes, published on 22 March 2009

Date Published: 21 Mar 2009

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Labour is still closing the gap on the Conservatives in the latest ComRes poll for The Independent on Sunday. The Tory lead is 11 points, which is only just enough for David Cameron to secure a majority in the House of Commons.

Con     41% (-3)
Lab     30% (+2)
LD      17% (-)
Other   12% (+1)
(Change since the last ComRes poll for The Independent, published on 3 March. Since the last IoS poll on 15 February, the Tories are unchanged, Labour is up 5 points, the Lib Dems down 5 points.)
The poll also finds a surprising degree of optimism about the economy. Although 62 per cent say they will spend less on their summer holidays, nearly 40 per cent expect to see signs of improvement in the economy "soon".

I am ready to make significant changes to the way I live to help prevent global warming or climate change:
Agree                 83%   (81% in June 2007
Disagree           16%   (16% in 2007)
I will scale back my summer holiday spending plans to save money:
Agree                 62%
Disagree           34%
(In October 2008, 62% agreed that "I will scale back my Christmas spending plans to save money", 36% disagreed.)

David Cameron has what it takes to be a good prime minister:
Agree               48%    (46% in May 2008)
Disagree         41%    (42% in 2008)
I expect the economy will start showing signs of improvement soon:
Agree              39%     
Disagree         58% 
(C2s the most optimistic social group: 47% agree, 50% disagree.)
Methodology note:
ComRes telephoned 1,002 GB adults on 18 and 19 March 2009.  Data were weighted by past vote recall.

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