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FleishmanHillard EU Future EU-UK Relationship Survey

Survey of EU Influencers on behalf of FleishmanHillard EU on the future EU-UK relationship

  • EU Influencers are divided on whether they think the UK will actually leave the EU. Three in ten (29%) say that they do not think that it will, while 38% believe it will and 33% don’t know.
  • More than four in five (84%) EU Influencers believe that the free movement of people should be a mandatory requirement for all countries wishing to be part of the Single Market.
  • Just 11% believe that if the UK leaves the Single Market, the UK financial services sector should still have access to it, and 19% say the same of the energy sector.

Date Published: 22/08/2016

Categories: Energy | Europe | Financial Services | Opinion Formers | Politics

Client: FleishmanHillard EU


ComRes interviewed 260 EU Influencers online between 1st and 11th July 2016. Data were weighted to an even split between EU institution staff and members of the Brussels policy community.

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