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Cuts Index Poll for ITV News

A public opinion poll on behalf of ITV News.

Date Published: 22 Dec 2010

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A ComRes poll for ITV News shows that a third of the public don’t think Nick Clegg will survive as Lib Dem leader beyond 2011

The fourth installment of the Cuts Index, conducted by ComRes and to be broadcast on ITV News at Ten, will show that the public is losing trust in the three party leaders. When asked about the current economic situation, 44% said they don’t trust David Cameron (+4% since the ComRes poll on 29th October), 57% don’t trust Ed Miliband (+ 6%) and 53% don’t trust Nick Clegg (+11%). 

Despite this latest poll being conducted before the revelations about Vince Cable and other Lib Dems in the last 48 hours, 34% of the public said they don’t think Nick Clegg will be Lib Dem leader by the end of 2011. 30% believe that he still will be leader.

Asked about the coalition Government, 38% said they think it will survive until the end of 2011, with 27% believing that it won’t last until then.

On the future state of the economy, 58% of the public said they were pessimistic, with 28% saying they were optimistic.

Asked about Christmas spending, 48% said they would be spending the same as last year, 36% will be spending less, and 12% plan to spend more.

Looking ahead to 2011, 8% of people said that they think the world would be a safer place next year, but 63% disagreed and said it wouldn’t be any safer. Asked about civil unrest, 79% said they think there will be more violent protests in 2011 over spending cuts, with just 5% disagreeing.
The findings of this fourth installment of the Cuts Index will be broadcast on ITV News at Ten on 22nd December.

Continuous polling by ComRes will take place over the next 12 months to chart the public’s views on these topics of the coalition, financial wellbeing, public services and personal happiness as austerity measures start to bite.

ComRes interviewed 2033 GB adults online between 16th and 20th December 2010.  Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GB adults. 

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