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Business Survey on Recruitment 27

Survey of business leaders on employment prospects for graduates & school leavers, published 27 August 2009

Date Published: 26 Aug 2009

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A ComRes poll of business leaders, published today, reveals deep discontent with the quality of school leavers and, to a lesser extent, of new graduates.

The survey also highlights the difficulties likely to be faced by school leavers and graduates in finding work in the current financial climate.

Poll results:
 ·         "In general the quality of school leavers available to recruit is acceptably high" - agree 37%, disagree 63%
·         "In general the quality of new graduates available to recruit is acceptable high" - agree 57%, disagree 43%
·         "Staff turnover is lower (in the current jobs market) as people don't change jobs so frequently" - agree 84%, disagree 16%

 Q.  Will your company be recruiting more, fewer or about the same number of graduates and school leavers as usual this year?
·         Graduates - more 14%, fewer 20%, same 18%, don't usually recruit 49%
·         School leavers - more 6%, fewer 16%, same 9%, don't usually recruit 69%.

Andrew Hawkins, CEO of ComRes commented:  "School leavers face the double-whammy of a much tighter jobs market and the widespread perception among employers that they are ill-equipped for the world of work.  This year looks set to be an extremely tough one for school leavers". 


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