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BBC School Report Brexit Survey (11-16 year-olds)

Survey of 11-16 year-old GB children on behalf of BBC School Report on Brexit.

11-16 year-olds are more likely to say that they feel negative about the UK leaving the EU than positive:

  • 44% of British 11-16 year olds who have heard about Brexit say they feel anxious, upset or angry about the UK leaving the EU. 22% describe themselves as being hopeful or delighted, and one in five (21%) say they don’t really care about it.
  • 38% think that the UK’s reputation around the world has been damaged as a result of Brexit. One in ten (12%) say they think it has improved and a quarter (23%) think that it hasn’t changed.
  • Of the issues that 11-16 year-olds rated most important for the future of the UK – “making sure people have access to doctors and hospitals when they are unwell” (36%) and “keeping people safe from terrorism” (34%) were rated highest.

Date Published: 29/03/2017

Categories: GB | Politics | Public and communities

Client: BBC School Report


ComRes interviewed 1,033 GB 11-16 year-olds online between 27th January and 9th February 2017.  Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GB 11-16 year-olds.

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