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10:10 Energy Survey

Survey of British adults on behalf of 10:10 comparing actual and perceived support for the use of various energy technologies in the UK.

  • A majority of GB adults support the use of solar farms, as well as offshore and onshore wind farms in the UK (83%, 80% and 73% respectively).
  • Younger adults tend to have differing opinions to their older counterparts regarding the use of the energy technologies tested, with older adults being more likely to support fracking wells for natural gas and nuclear power plants, which are widely viewed as more controversial energy technologies.
  • Onshore wind farms are more likely to be supported by those living in urban areas than those living in rural areas (75% vs. 65% respectively).
  • When asked what proportion of people in the UK they think support each of the energy technologies tested, in each case respondents perceive 50% or less of the wider population to support the use of these technologies. Perceived levels of support among people across the UK are therefore lower than reported levels of support for all of the energy technologies tested.

Date Published: 24/10/2016

Categories: Energy | GB | Public and communities

Client: 10:10


ComRes interviewed 2037 British adults online aged 18+ between 12th and 13th October 2016. Data were weighted by age, gender, region and socio-economic grade to be representative of all British adults aged 18+.

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