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Diamond Producers Council

Creative Testing

The Diamond Producers Council (formally, Diamond Producers Association) is an accredited trade organization who serves to advance the integrity of the modern diamond jewelry industry and inspire, educate, and protect the consumer.

Made up of seven members, the DPC represents 75% of the world’s diamond production across eight different nations and four continents.

The Challenge

In 2020, our client was planning on launching a new series of advertisements and wanted to learn how this ad campaign would be perceived by its viewers and customers.

Our challenge was to gather insights about the proposed taglines and mock web pages to give our client an accurate assessment of their ad materials, as well as understand what consumers currently think of their brand and its competitors.

Our approach

Savanta designed and fielded a robust survey to 1,602 people who do not oppose purchasing diamond jewelry and distributed it across the United States. To fulfil the client’s target demo, everyone in the sample had a household income greater than $60k and 70% of were female. Additionally, half of the survey’s audience were between 22-33 and half were between 34-45 years old.

The survey asked respondents to rank all the ad concepts (tagline, slogan, images, etc.) as well as describe brand attributes that correspond with each item in order to uncover which campaign style led to the greatest brand perception.

The outcome

Through our creative testing approach, the client was able to receive a full panel of results and provided clear data-driven recommendations for a go-to-market strategy.

Savanta’s research was able to identify the combination of tagline and webpage images with the highest positive brand attribution, which the client went on to use in their ads and company branded media. Most importantly, this survey identified that this company’s current title was not engaging to its audience and suggested a new one, which the client decided to use for its very successful ad and rebrand campaign.

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