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We are now part of Savanta.

Infosurv is a leading professional research and survey company. We provide the information you need to make better business decisions. We do this through a combination of intelligent research design, efficient and reliable data collection methods, and thoughtful analysis and interpretation.

Our approach

Infosurv is a leading professional market research and survey company based in Denver, Colorado. We provide the information you need to make better business decisions. We do this through a combination of intelligent research design, efficient and reliable data collection methods, and thoughtful analysis and interpretation. We are now part of the wider Savanta group.

…but most importantly…

We take our insights beyond a single, isolated project, beyond the silos of company departments or functions, and help you build a complete understanding of your customer, your target consumer, your employees, your market and your industry.

How We’re Different – and Better!
Most survey companies think their job ends when your project is complete. But information from one project does not always stand alone – its impact travels throughout your business. At Infosurv Research, we know our job is to go beyond a single project to link information and develop insights to improve your business. By helping you connect your project results to business performance, you get more bang for your buck. That’s what a research department does, and we want to be your research department!

Infosurv Mission
“To provide innovation in online research, bringing unique technologies and methodologies to our clients, which allow them to collect and interpret feedback more quickly, accurately, and affordably. Living on the cutting edge of market research is our passion.”

Through dedication to quality, speed, affordability, and service, we provide our clients with high-quality survey research data backed by a smooth, hassle-free customer experience. Add in our relentless pursuit of excellence and it is easy to see why our clients choose us for their most demanding market and survey research needs.

Infosurv Core Values

  • Trust: Earn the trust of our clients and each other by maintaining the highest standards of integrity, openness, and work quality.
  • Value: Run lean, work hard, and work smart to deliver exceptional value for our clients.
  • Innovation: Innovation is the path to a superior client experience and superior business results.
  • Balance: Maintain a sustainable work/life balance while producing high quality work for our clients.
  • Rewarding results: We measure and reward performance for every employee in every role.

Infosurv Commitment to Our Community
Infosurv believes we have a responsibility to our community, whether that’s Atlanta (GA), Denver (CO), or the world. Therefore, every year Infosurv accepts “pro bono” survey projects to assist charitable organizations with their critical decisions. We also formed the Infosurv Foundation to allow a portion of our profits to support important non-profit organizations.

Our solutions

Discover how you can increase profit by linking employee engagement and customer experience

Customer experience:

Unhappy customers cost you money. That is why customer surveys are vital to good business. By obtaining feedback from the actual product or service users, companies can identify and fix problems before customers decide to take their business elsewhere.

Employee engagement:

By asking the right questions, businesses can evaluate their team’s current commitment level. They can also identify key drivers that will enable them to foster an environment in which both individual employees and the organization as a whole can thrive.

Marketing insights

We will work with you to understand your business challenges and to fully engage in your business issues. We are renowned for our professionalism, responsiveness, technical expertise, and insightful & marketing analysis.

Case studies

Evaluating the impact of a video platform partnership

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Powering Growth with BrandVueIdentifying key drivers of success

Our client is a premium, Bistro-style restaurant chain. Using BrandVue data, they wanted to identify the key drivers of demand for their brand versus competitors and highlight opportunity areas for future growth.

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Measuring brand reputation

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Connecting sales data to BrandVue Eating Out metricsStrategy Research

Our client, a high-street quick service restaurant, wanted to establish a link between sales data and BrandVue metrics to see which correlation was the strongest, to know which levers to pull to drive growth.

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Maximising applicant conversion

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Mid-Corporate Insurance ResearchUnderstanding the customer-broker-insurer relationship

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Using Eco Segments to develop financial services / products

As the government aims to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions, our client wanted to gauge consumer sentiment towards energy efficiency in housing. By establishing interest in green financial products and services and the factors influencing them, the client aimed to develop green products and services to meet consumer needs in the face of climate change, the rising energy costs and cost of living, and government legislation.

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Exploring adviser understanding

Our client needed to explore whether advisers understood new FCA rules and check adviser satisfaction with their proposition.

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Defining the optimal digital-only Business Banking propositionOnline quant research using implicit conjoint modelling

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Optimising Investment Communications with Professionals

Our client specializes in financial advice and offers insurance and investment products for doctors, dentists, and teachers. The client wanted to build on previous research to test whether their reports and policies were engaging and fit for purpose, (i.e., outline the objectives of the business). In addition to this, they wanted to gauge current and potential investors’ knowledge levels on risk and sustainable investing, and how this impacts their decisions around investing.

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