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Customer journey mapping research

Customer journey research reveals the different paths to purchase. Find out how to improve conversation rates and maximize revenue. Join us on the journey!

Our approach

Understanding the customer journey is complicated. Why? Because there isn’t only one – different customers take different journeys. Also, the same customers take different journeys, on different buying or usage occasions.

A comprehensive consumer journey map is a crucial part of any customer experience (CX) program. User and buyer journey mapping identifies all the possible routes and individual touchpoints. Every touchpoint is a chance to delight on the customer experience journey, but also a chance to disappoint and lose a sale.

Our qualitative exploratory research paints the full picture. How, when, where, and why do your key clients progress through the path to purchase? Our quantitative validatory research reveals the facts and figures you need to pinpoint opportunities. Cut out customer churn. Convert prospects. Generate growth.

Who has the time, tools, or tailored approach to deliver the thorough map, insights, and recommendations your CX program needs? We do.


Understanding your business

Let us immerse ourselves in your world and speak to your key stakeholders. We’ll learn about your products and services, hear your hypotheses, and outline your theoretical touchpoints.


Exploring the journeys

We’ll sense-check and search for any alternate, or missing, touchpoints from the initial outline.


Validating the journeys

Profile your customers at every touchpoint and find out how many are interacting with these.


Monitoring the journeys

Put your understanding of the varied journeys at the heart of an ongoing CX program. Monitor the triggers and break down barriers on the path to purchase. Leverage targeted customer journey marketing at the right touchpoints.

Research benefits

Understanding your customers

Identify customer segments and their individual journeys, to visualize your customers clearly. Help every level in your business make client-centric decisions.

Focusing on touchpoints

Put procedures and policies in place to optimize commercial opportunities. These will be led by a deep understanding of individual touchpoints and the pain points that prevent your customers from completing journeys.

Filling the data gaps

Get the granular, data-driven clarity you need to inform investment and truly make a difference on the customer journey touchpoints that matter.

Informing next-level personalization

Optimize the CX for individual customers at individual touchpoints, using the data from your journey research – with a view to maximizing conversions and customer spend.

Research methods

Customer experience

Customer experience

Loyalty & retention

Loyalty & retention

Customer satisfaction & NPS

Customer satisfaction & NPS

Case studies

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"The emphasis on actionable insight has really helped us to focus in on those areas where we can make a tangible difference to our customer journey.”

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