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Why HNWIs buy pre-owned luxury items

Sarah Culpan Executive 10/18/2022

In 2022, luxury buys don’t have to be brand new. Over half of UK millionaires have bought or intend to buy pre-owned fashion pieces.

In total, 23% have bought pre-owned luxury fashion items before, while a further 28% haven’t yet but are considering it for the future.

This data, from Savanta’s most recent quarterly MillionaireVue results, captures a growing trend of HNWIs’ openness to the resale or second-hand luxury market.

Abstaining from the resale market may mean missing out on highly lucrative opportunities.

Pre-owned fashion in particular is disrupting the status quo. A $96bn global market last year, it’s set to more than double by 2025, reaching $196bn (£177bn).

What’s behind the resale revolution?

Some will point to a sign of the times – from a global pandemic to a looming recession – but reselling doesn’t necessarily mean lower sale prices for some high-end items. Rolex shortages have led to record UK auction prices, for example.

Luxury e-commerce sites are a key driver. For example, Farfetch now has a pre-owned section, plus its Second Life service for reselling designer bags, while Poshmark is principally a luxury resale platform.

In the UK, younger millionaires are among the most open to making pre-owned luxury purchases. The 18-34s are significantly more likely to have already bought pre-owned items (37%) than the 35-54s (24%) and 55+s (17%). They’re also the most likely to be interested in doing so in the future, but not just yet (42%).

However, just because younger millionaires are a vital segment, doesn’t mean that resale interest is primarily determined by relative wealth. Those with £5-10m investable assets are significantly more likely to consider buying pre-owned luxury items in the future (42%) than those with £2-5m (29%) or up to £2m (26%).

Aside from potential lower prices, plus appeal among young millionaires, why buy pre-owned? Many argue it’s the sustainable choice – saving materials and resources by repurchasing existing items, rather than increasing the demand for more and more products.

Strong interest in pre-owned clothes and jewelry

Three in four UK millionaires are either quite or very interested in buying pre-owned jewelry and watches (76%) or clothes and shoes (74%). Two-thirds are similarly interested in pre-owned handbags and briefcases (66%) or fashion accessories, such as sunglasses or scarves (65%).

In these fashion categories, the appeal of pre-owned purchases is strong across all age groups. For example, 81% of 18-34s are interested in pre-owned jewelry and watches, but so are 74% of 35-54s and 73% of over 55s.

Previously, some luxury brands had reservations about encouraging resales due to fears of revenue cannibalization, declining prestige, or increased counterfeiting risks.

Benefits of engaging with this growing market

  • Endorsing reselling under brands’ control and on their terms – otherwise, it will just happen anyway, but without their involvement
  • Creating new service and revenue streams by reselling (or repairing, then reselling) pre-owned fashion in-house, following the examples of Gucci and Farfetch
  • Partnering with established third-party resale marketplaces for a share of the profits, as Vestiaire and Alexander McQueen, or The RealReal and Burberry, are doing
  • Attracting new customers – for example, younger HNWIs, luxury bargain hunters, or those seeing sustainability considerations as key purchase criteria
  • Increasing the product lifecycle by embracing the circular economy – Gen Z is willing to pay more for sustainable goods and brands perceived to be sustainable

With so many UK millionaires open to making pre-owned purchases, abstaining from the resale market may mean missing out on highly lucrative opportunities.

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