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Graeme Cade EVP 02/01/2019

Introducing Savanta’s British Research Barometer

The research and insight industry exists to tell people what they need to know to make better decisions. At least, that’s what it should do. But does it?

Savanta’s British Research Barometer (BRB) takes an in-depth look at whether insight agencies really are delivering for our clients.

The really important trends in the industry are actually more about research outcomes rather than the processes used to reach them.”

It examines the health of the industry, discovers emerging trends, explores client/agency relationships and reveals the truth about how people really feel about their role and their work.

To get a definitive view, Issue 1 has gathered the opinions of over 140 UK market research professionals from both sides of the agency/client divide, and from both ends of the corporate spectrum. It makes for enlightening reading.

AI, Automation and Big Data may be the buzzwords on everybody’s lips, but our British Research Barometer shows that the most important aspect of where the industry is going is what research produces, not how it gets there.

Client relationships are also key. While we all profess to love each other – as many as 44% of clients and 51% of agencies rate their relationships as 9 out of 10 – the Barometer highlights useful areas for improvement. And again, most of those hinge around not how we work together, but the outputs we achieve.

But there’s one area where both clients and agencies are in complete agreement: the ideal agency is consultative and delivers strong, actionable outputs.

What clients want:

“Better reporting and storytelling, thinking about what the data tells us and what is really important to know”

What agencies want:

“More stakeholder access to improve our understanding of their objectives so that we can build these into the research design and analytics/insights for more actionable outcomes”

So how can this goal of ‘actionable insight’ be achieved and how can it help you make better decisions? To find out, download The British Research Barometer from Savanta now.

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