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How is the US population coping during lockdown?

Coronavirus US tracker: April 16th 2020

Angst and concern over recent coronavirus developments has significantly affected US consumers, our US weekly coronavirus tracker shows.

Seven in ten (71%) Americans report that they are following social distancing measures

With the news that the US economy is reeling and an unprecedented number of jobs have been lost, it’s unsurprising that over four in ten (43%) Americans report having a worse mental health outlook than at the same time last year. Fears surrounding financial security – whether it be personal or on behalf of the general economy – have risen dramatically with 67% feeling less confident about job security compared to last year.

Lack of clear and trustworthy information may have also contributed to the fact that over a third (36%) have reported feeling more anxious. Heightened unease is exacerbated by the fact that 37% of the population say that they know of someone with the virus.

While consumers continue to report a lack of trust in most sources of information on coronavirus (including official government advice), they continue to hunker down and follow guidelines. Seven in ten (71%) Americans report that they are following social distancing measures, with one in five (21%) saying that they are working from home.

How have their consumer habits changed?

With the outside world at a partial stand-still, Americans are seeking escape via virtual worlds instead. The number of US consumers playing video games has dramatically increased over the past week, with 43% noting that they are playing more frequently or have started playing for the first time ever.

The number of those moving to online shopping is also increasing, with two thirds of US consumers either increasingly or entirely switching to online shopping for groceries, and a quarter shifting more towards online for household supplies.

That said, looking beyond the crisis, priorities look set to snap back with consumers excited to spend on things that are currently inaccessible, such as eating out at restaurants or consuming out of home entertainment.

The personal grooming industry can expect a flourishing return to business, with almost four in ten (36%) Americans reporting grooming as one of the first things they will spend on once the current guidelines are lifted.


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