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Holiday travel and gathering has ceased for many, but festivities still are underway

Sadia Corey VP, Client Development 12/21/2021

Most Americans and others around the world have seen almost two years of holidays and festivities cancelled as the world continues to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. As the new Omicron variant begins to infect the lives of Americans across the country, many individuals have been rethinking their travel plans for the holidays.

47% of Americans do not plan to travel anywhere during the holidays.

Savanta data shows how travel plans have been effected by the pandemic, as well as people’s perceptions for holiday gatherings. Despite altering perceptions of safety after the vaccination roll-out, 47% of Americans do not plan to travel anywhere during the holidays. From the ones keeping their holiday travel plans, as much as 69% are avoiding public transport and are travelling by cars, with a few 28% travelling by planes.

With many wanted to find a little getaway surrounding a very tough couple of years for most, shorter holidays seem to be the way forward. A lot of Americans are expecting to travel for short durations with as much as 81% of them expecting to be only 1-7 days away from home.

While the majority of Americans have opted to protect themselves from Covid by getting vaccinations, there is still around a third still hesitant. Of those surveyed, 36% of Americans are not vaccinated at all against the Covid-19, and 51% are fully vaccinated. Of the 51% of people who are vaccinated fully, only 20% have received the booster in addition to both rounds of vaccine.

54% of people who are gathering for the holidays want people present to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Experts advise to take precautions even if you are fully vaccinated considering the new variant is highly transmissible. 36% of vaccinated Americans strongly expect unvaccinated friends or family to wear a mask during their holiday gatherings whereas 34% of vaccinated Americans do not have any expectations. Although, because of the fear of the new variant and the rising cases in the country, 11% of vaccinated Americans say they are not planning to spend the holidays with unvaxxed friends or family.

Taking the necessary precautions, out of the people spending their holidays with family and friends, 47% agreed that this year’s holiday gatherings will be smaller than years prior.

The unprecedented pandemic has changed our expectations for the holiday season, with an understanding that it still looks different for a lot of people. However, holiday spirits are still up, and people appear to be making the most of what they can control for the end of the year. We are redefining our new way of normal and that comes with celebrating the big moments and festivities.

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