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Americans feel charitable and merry despite COVID-19

Sadia Corey VP, Client Development 12/11/2020

As 2020 winds down, with record COVID-19 cases across the country, Americans are giving back considerably more than they did in 2019, utilizing new ways of interacting with charities and spending quality time with family.

Charitable gestures are up 40% since 2019, proving that Americans care deeply about our most vulnerable citizens.

New York, December 11, 2020: Holiday joy is soaring across America, despite a year plagued by the onset and spread of COVID-19. Most Americans intend to donate money, goods, or services this holiday season. Savanta reports that donations have increased considerably from 2019, with many kindhearted Americans taking the time to write letters of thanks and support to essential workers and the elderly. In addition to this spike in generosity, Americans look forward to unwinding with their family and enjoying traditional holiday activities.

A year of hardship leads to a season of giving

Savanta reports that 80% of Americans plan to donate this holiday season. This is promising news considering the economic toll the virus has taken across the country. Most Americans (44%) plan to donate clothes to charities. This is a 35% increase from clothing donations in 2019.  35% intend to make financial donations to a charity, up 38% from last year. 35% of Americans hope to donate food, jumping 35% from last year.

With so many Americans struggling financially from the impact of Covid-19, 16% of Americans feel inspired to sponsor holiday gifts for needy families, an increase of 38% from 2019. Savanta reports that 15% plan to get involved in their local community, and 14% plan to support their favorite cause on social media, an increase of 25% and 42% respectively from 2019.

Americans are observing what brands are being charitable as well. 17% plan to buy holiday gifts from brands that give back, increasing 39% from 2019.

Americans care about the most vulnerable

As COVID numbers rage across the country, it often feels as if Americans are not looking out for one another. However, Savanta reports striking growth in the number of people writing letters to essential workers and the elderly. These charitable gestures are up 40% since 2019, proving that Americans care deeply about our most vulnerable citizens.

2020 forces creative ways to encourage giving

2020 is a year that many Americans want to forget, but it is inspiring people with new types of giving. 44% more Americans are donating free virtual space services compared to 2019 and 42% more people are using social media as a means to donate to their favorite causes. Since COVID-19 is sidelining many annual charity events and fundraisers, 42% more Americans report engaging online with the charitable organizations they support than they did in the previous year.

Holiday traditions move closer to home in 2020

As Americans cancel their holiday travel plans and prepare for a long holiday break at home, the majority plan to watch movies with their family on streaming services. Savanta data shows that 82% of Americans plan to watch holiday movies with their loved ones this season. Families will binge-watch holiday classics using Netflix (57%), Amazon Prime (38%). Disney+(30%), and Hulu (30%). The top five movies that Americans are most looking forward to watching this season are Home Alone (33%), How the Grinch Stole Christmas (32%), A Charlie Brown Christmas (29%), A Christmas Story (28%), and Elf (27%).

Americans continue holiday traditions despite the virus

Americans love the holiday season, and 2020 is no exception. The majority of Americans plan to participate in traditional holiday activities such as listening to holiday music (54%), baking cookies and cake (53%), and buying new decorations (33%). COVID-19 can’t stop spirited families from wearing matching pajamas. Thankfully, 24% will wear matching pajamas, and 15% of those families will post photos on social media of them wearing the pajamas.

While some fear a dark and depressing winter, Americans remain faithful to upholding holiday cheer. They are spending quality time together at home and giving back far more than they did in 2019. Although it is understated, 2020 is shaping up to be a merry and bright holiday season.


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