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Think a survey platform doesn’t matter? Think again.

Over the years, I've seen some terrible online surveys, which makes completing a survey incredibly hard and uninspiring! Why would you spend your precious time on earth filling in an awkward, clunky online survey when you could be spending your time elsewhere?

David Berry Senior Director, Operations 10/30/2023
As researchers, we know that the quality and attentiveness of a respondent, combined with an engaging survey, lead to successfully obtaining quality data.

We also tend to dwell on the details of the respondents – who they are and where they come from – but we take the survey platform itself for granted.

“It doesn’t matter what the survey looks like if we get high-quality respondents into the survey, right?”

But put yourself in the shoes of the respondent.

As a respondent, you want to feel that the survey platform you’re providing your thoughts and opinions to looks clean and professional, works well on any device you choose, and is user-friendly.

This is where traditional survey methods can fall short and where Savanta makes a difference.

A core principle in the Savanta Agency team is making market research as easy as possible for everyone – the client and the respondent.

Enter the Savanta Platform…

Savanta’s propriety survey platform was built by researchers with respondents in mind, specifically with mobile respondents at the forefront.

Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Onshore operations: our consultants are proudly onshore, offering unmatched advantages to offshore alternatives
  • Device agnostic: Savanta’s platform ensures a seamless experience across all devices, eliminating the headache of compatibility issues.
  • Customization: Do you need custom question types or tools? No problem. Our platform empowers you to tailor surveys swiftly to your unique needs.
  • Advanced tools: integrated with Sawtooth for all your Max Diff & Conjoint requirements, our platform equips you with the most powerful research tools available.
  • Limitless versatility: from clickable images to replicating the entire Amazon website from scratch to explore a purchasing journey, if another platform can ask it, Savanta’s can too.

On top of this, our team can create shelf tests, pricing exercises, hotspots (with heat map outputs), video and image collection tools, video ratings, and mobile-friendly card sorts.

Easy for the client, easy for the respondent

The platform makes market research smooth and accessible, taking the complexities out of the equation.

So, does the survey platform matter? Absolutely. It’s not just about what is being asked but how it’s being asked. Savanta’s platform reflects our commitment to quality, ensuring a seamless and professional survey experience for both clients and respondents.

Discover the difference

We invite you to explore what Savanta’s proprietary platform can do for your research needs. Your surveys deserve more than just quality respondents; they deserve a platform that enhances the experience for everyone involved.

The right platform can make all the difference.

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