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The changing faces of business growth

Roger Perowne CEO 11/04/2021

Next15 in partnership with Savanta

2020 was for many, not a great year for growth. It was a year for survival.

Find out what growth now means to leading businesses around the world.

But as the global economy continues to recover and new working patterns emerge, growth is once again firmly on the agenda. And this growth won’t necessarily look the same as it did before. The pandemic has caused businesses around the world to re-set; to re-consider their strategies and re-evaluate what meaningful growth really means to them and their futures.

In July and August 2021, Savanta as part of the Next15 group surveyed the group’s clients to explore what growth truly means to them in the new world order. Through responses from marketing managers to CFOs and CEOs, we see how growth is now about much more than mere financial results.

The report uncovers tensions between senior and junior-level employees on what growth should mean, and how it is lived within businesses. And, perhaps most importantly, we see how for a significant number, growth in diversity, sustainability, and employee wellbeing are all being placed front and centre in post pandemic ethical growth strategies

Download the report here to find out what growth now means to leading businesses around the world.

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