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What do you see in '23?

This article was originally published by Insights Association.

In a recent article for Insights Association, Crispin Beale speaks with a number of leaders in market research from around the world, gathering their thoughts on the year that has been, and what they expect to see happen with the industry in 2023.

Dr. Nick Baker, Savanta’s Chief Research Officer comments:

“2023 is yet another year of uncertainty; perhaps that is actually the new normal many have been searching for. But uncertainty presents opportunities, especially if you subscribe to the view that ‘you make your own luck.’. For me, one of those opportunities is to understand and help our clients navigate the emerging new channel that is / will be the Metaverse.

Do you know your Roblox from your Bored Ape Yacht Club, your Ethereum from your OpenSea? Or were you the person who bought the house next to Snoop Dogg in the Metaverse for $450K? What’s absolutely clear is that it’s coming, and it’s definitely here to stay….just look at how much is being invested and by whom…..a lot, and it’s the investment banking giants leading the way.

Get to know it, or else you’re missing a boat for your clients, as the next generation will be Metaverse natives. Analogue and digital, not VR. It’s a new comms channel, and do you really know it or how to navigate it for yourselves or your clients?”

This article was originally published by Insights Association, you can read the full version here.



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