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Savanta Launches Qual and UX Practice in US and Canada

Expanding on its diverse set of research services for clients, Savanta has launched a qualitative and UX research group across the US and Canada to continue to meet growing client demand.

Savanta appoints Barbara Weisfeld as Vice President, based out of New York City. Joining her is Meaghan Willis, who is in the Toronto office, and Nicole Beremovica, also based in New York. An additional support and operations team supports the team both locally and globally to deliver seamless coverage.

EVP of Global Experience Strategy, Nikki Lavoie, comments, “I am excited to roll out the qual and UX team to the rapidly growing Americas team at Savanta. The ability to conduct robust and creative qualitative explorations that support our existing broad range of quantitative products, as well as our product and tech-focused clients working in user experience. This new unit at Savanta allows us to provide more holistic insight support to those seeking to deepen their knowledge of their users and customers, and we look forward to growing this team in the coming weeks and months.”

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