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Evaluating the impact of a video platform partnership

The Challenge

Our client, a British mobile network operator wanted to raise awareness of its partnership with a landmark venue, among the male, football fan audiences: who are notoriously hard-to-reach through traditional media.

Our client brought together a set of YouTube influencers in a game at the landmark venue. This partnership took place alongside a wider ATL campaign, and research was needed to:

  • Understand the effect of the YouTube partnership.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the partnership in reaching target audiences.
  • Comparative impact of YouTube vs. ATL.

Our approach

We conducted online pre and post campaign surveys, using a Lab Test approach, where participants were directed to a YouTube channel to watch a video.

We then held four qualitative workshops to assess the creative appeal of the format, and how it could be improved.

Our Campaign Optimiser analysed the unique impact of each campaign element on brand KPIs.

The outcome

We demonstrated how the partnership was working to drive improvements in brand perceptions, and target hard-to-reach audiences.

We then broke down the impact of the YouTube partnership from an above-the-line campaign that ran concurrently.

The boost in the brand metrics helped to sell the event internally, and justified it year on year. 2019 was a particularly significant year with:

  • 148.2 million total video views.
  • 73,250 tickets sold.
  • £111,430 charity funding raised.
  • 15% increase in awareness of partnership.