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Policy development & evaluation research

Reveal solutions that address the most pressing and challenging social needs by using research services to inform and evaluate your public policy development.

Our approach

What are you fighting for?

Improving social mobility, social care, public health, or housing? Tackling discrimination, poverty, climate change, or regional disparity?

These issues are complex, and we’re here to lend a helping hand by providing evidence to government departments, public sector organizations, charities, and think tanks to inform public policy.

We’ll define public needs to help you develop and evaluate the policy interventions that address them. Working together in close partnership, you’ll receive evidence to guide strategic, tactical, and financial decision-making. Using a range of market research tools, we’ll provide the most meaningful answers to specific policy development questions.

We support evidence-based decision-making to solve social issues and see maximum impact. That’s our policy!


Identifying policy beneficiaries

See where the greatest need lies and define who to focus on. We have an excellent track record in accessing and working with vulnerable groups, to better understand their experiences and perspectives.


Understanding beneficiary needs

Gain a detailed understanding of beneficiary needs, to accurately identify where to focus policy interventions for maximum impact.


Developing and testing policies or interventions

Test and shape policies. We take an iterative approach to develop and hone policy development. This often involves co-producing solutions with those who will benefit from them the most.


Evaluating policy and intervention impact

We help to identify the impact or social ROI of a policy, plus any adjustments needed to further improve efficacy. We take a flexible, often multi-faceted, approach to policy monitoring and evaluation, providing a robust assessment with clear learning points.

Research benefits

Delivering social ROI on policies

Our research helps ensure policies deliver maximum impact and value for money. With our thorough policy analysis and evaluation work, you’ll have the insights you need to make sure interventions land as intended.

Informing decision-making

We support evidence-based decision-making about target audiences, parameters, and modes of delivery for different policy interventions. It's about understanding the highest priority needs, to accurately pinpoint how policy interventions can achieve maximum impact.

Future-proofing policies

Ensure your policies remain up-to-date and impactful, for today’s problems and tomorrow’s challenges. With our horizon-scanning approach, we’ll inform your long-term strategy.

Research methods

Public policy

Public policy

Public affairs strategy

Public affairs strategy

Localized Research

Localized Research

Polling & fast surveys

Polling & fast surveys

Case studies

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