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Touchpoint tracking research

We all know how invaluable word-of-mouth recommendations are – and how damaging customer complaints are. Comprehensive Touchpoint Tracking programmes help generate consistent customer feedback on individual experiences and transactions to identify new opportunities to improve.

Savanta has developed a unique combination of robust reporting combined with provision of actionable, business changing insight to allow brands to maximise action and growth.

Our approach

Diagnosing opportunities to positively impact ‘always-on’ experiences across Touchpoints is critical. Our approach is additive to existing solutions, keeping metrics such as NPS for trending/ reporting.

We use our CX Framework to identify linkage to impact attitudinal and behavioral outcomes, providing insights & action at channel level to improve performance. The focus on outcomes mean that we engage stakeholders with the commercial promise – through better prediction on how improvements can positively impact revenue per customer.

Linkage with other Touchpoints and/or non-survey data sources is included to enable customer centric planning. The approach is method neutral, engaging and tailored dashboards/ reporting are provided to ensure active dissemination of results.


Identifying key touchpoints

Let’s make a plan, using our bespoke validated framework we can diagnose opportunities to positively impact ‘always-on’ experiences across touchpoints. Provides specific insights (including behavioural data) on what to do at channel level, within touchpoint, to improve performance and maximise commercial impact.


Understanding your customers

Find out what’s important to them at each touchpoint and channel – what triggers, or prevents, building attitudinal loyalty – and repeat spend/use?


Designing the metrics

We’ll build a bespoke basket of metrics that build Attitudinal Loyalty, prioritising the factors with the greatest impact on your customers’ experience.


Measuring and evaluating

We’ll create a tailored insight and engagement programme that provides the results and recommendations your business needs – to maximise the commercial opportunities that are influenced by customer experience.

Research benefits

Going above satisfaction

What are the key touchpoints, or key areas of the relationship that best predict the amount your customers spend with you? We'll help you take action to maximise your earned growth potential via repeat purchases and recommendation-led customer acquisition, going above and beyond simply satisfying customers.

Improving CX to grow revenue

Differentiate by providing an excellent customer experience – a crucial aspect in boosting performance – informed by rich, bespoke data. Make a difference, by enhancing your revenue opportunities through greater customer loyalty.

Increasing advocacy and engagement

Go beyond passive recommendation. Drive active advocacy through positive online reviews, social media engagement or word of mouth encouragement, as your engaged and loyal customers do the hard work and acquire more for you.

Research methods

Customer experience

Customer journey mapping

Customer relationships

Loyalty & development

Case studies

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"What I like about Savanta is how they make complicated stuff simple. The clarity and practicality they applied to breaking large data sets down to manageable and presentable steering indicators has helped us tremendously in creating a global ROI out of the research."


"Local managers are empowered to use restaurant-level feedback to guide their teams in improving the guest experience and directly drive revenue.”

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