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re-branding led with insight

The final results informed a re-brand that encompassed all aspects of messaging and communications"

Our client is a leading charity whose aim is to improve access to quality education throughout the UK.

The organisation had plans for a full re-brand, reflecting the evolution in the organisation’s vision and strategy over time.

The Challenge

Before proceeding with the re-brand, our client needed a clear understanding of the current perceptions of their brand amongst all of their key stakeholders, helping them to identify the aspects of the brand that continued to resonate and should be protected, and which aspects could be refreshed in the re-brand.

Our approach

The charity commissioned us to conduct a brand and reputation audit in order to inform the re-brand.

Through a robust programme of quantitative and qualitative research, we conducted a comprehensive examination of the brand’s current position, also comparing it to similar brands in the education sector.

An online survey was conducted across key stakeholder audiences and ran concurrently with qualitative stakeholder interviews.

The outcome

We worked in partnership with the charity to ensure that the results across all audiences were synthesised to provide a coherent overall picture.

The final results sat at the heart of the refreshed brand identity, protecting the aspects of the brand which connected with its stakeholders, while also updating the brand to reflect the new brand strategy, and ambitious new vision for the organisation going forward.

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