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Leading life sciences corporation

Amplifying the corporate voice via the scientific community

Our client is an international life sciences company that specializes in developing lab products and technologies, well known and respected for being at the forefront of breakthrough innovations in different research areas including: clinical testing, gene therapies, advanced diagnostics. They have been active recently in promoting green sustainability research innovations.

Our client works with both private and public scientific research facilities to accelerate science, increase laboratory productivity, and patient healthcare across the globe.

The Challenge

Our client was interested in using its vast resources to sponsor and showcase an in-depth thought leadership research study. This study was set to understand what Life Science professionals expect the world to look like in the next decade and beyond.

Our client partnered with Savanta to determine how scientists value themselves at present and uncover what levels of innovation are possible to achieve across healthcare, industrial and applied markets by the year 2030. The resultant research with science professionals in the United States and Europe focused on examining the future in several relevant areas.

Our approach

Our approach utilized both qualitative and quantitative research methods to create guides and surveys of necessary breadth and depth. We also drew upon extensive secondary research sources to understand the complexities of the category and what scenarios might unfold in the near future.

Working with our expert qualitative and quantitative research partners at home and abroad, Savanta conducted 21  in-depth interviews and surveyed more than 600 Life Science professionals from the United States and 6 European markets. What these professionals had to say about the future was deeply reassuring, personally satisfying, and at times quite surprising.

The outcome

Through its methodologically-sound and client-centric approach to research, Savanta was able to create a bold and intriguing research program, with results that allowed our client’s thought leadership platform to enhance positive perceptions, deepen trust and respect of the client brand, and burnish appreciation of product offerings and leadership vision and skills.

Rather than providing our client with the equivalent of white noise that merely repeated what everyone else was saying,  our research delivered nuanced, buoyant and deeply optimistic findings.  At a time of worldwide dislocation and distraction, the humanistic message our research uncovered aligned with client values and visions for the future and the role they see themselves increasingly playing in their industry and beyond.

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