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The Perfect Meeting


Barco employs 3,600 employees across 90 countries.

Barco needed a solid foundation of thought leadership content that would cement their position within the industry. The Belgian technology company specialises in digital projection and imaging technology, focusing on three core markets: entertainment, enterprise, and healthcare. In 2018, the company realised sales of 1.028 billion euros.

The Challenge

Led by industry heavyweight Ogilvy, Barco’s 2018 marketing campaign was centred around ‘The Perfect Meeting’ – and crucially, the role of technology within it.

To accompany this, Barco needed a solid foundation of thought leadership content that would cement their position within the industry. They therefore commissioned us to carry out a programme of robust market research to underpin the creation of thought leadership content.

These white papers were designed to raise awareness, consideration and perceptions of Barco.

Our approach

Barco required both statistical evidence and anecdotal feedback from white-collar employees across eight key markets (US, UK, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, China and India) about their habits and preferences for meeting styles, frustrations with meetings and how to improve productivity, as well as the role of technology in great meetings.

To create a robust foundation for this insight, the project was split into two distinct stages:

Stage 1: Vox Pops and Poll survey

  • 5-minute blended qual-quant survey including VoxPop and ‘poll’ questions about meetings that respondents attend
  • Audience: 91 white-collar employees working across the 8 key markets

Stage 2: Quantitative survey

  • 15-minute online survey conducted via a specialist B2B panel
  • Audience: 2,833 white-collar employees who spend a significant proportion of their time in meetings. These employees worked across the 8 key markets

Furthermore, as part of the Market Poll we collaborated with VoxPopMe to capture authentic video content from respondents, getting their in-the-moment feedback on meetings.

The outcome

The initial white paper reports were so well received that Barco went on to commission a follow-on project with Savanta in 2019, helping them to further build on their position as a thought leader in the space of meeting room technology.

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