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Media strategy research

Innovation and disruption are driving change across the media landscape. Our media strategy research will support your brand by helping you understand changes across the media landscape.

Our approach

We help you understand your audiences; who are they, what do they like and how do they interact with content?

We enable broadcasters and producers to meet audience needs and create a media planning strategy rooted in insight. We’ll do this by helping you attract new audiences and engage them with the right content. Ensuring you provide maximum value to media owners and prospective commercial partners too.

Not only that, but we also help you monetise content to justify your media buying strategy, by:

  • Demonstrating the quantifiable value of audiences to commercial partners
  • Revealing what consumers are willing to pay to access content via various direct-to-consumer pricing models

Develop your media strategy, with insights from market research that’s tailormade to help you extract maximum value from content. Lights. Camera. Action!


Targeting segments and growth

We help you understand where there’s headroom for growth and how to reach new audiences.


Maximising engagement

Understand what content drives audience engagement and why, as well as how to improve and refine it.


Optimising content strategy

Explore the role of specific content within the channel ecosystem. Test new content and positioning.


Determining content value

Identify the value of key channels and content. Evaluate by subscription uptake, viewer acquisition, and impact on brand equity or perceptions.


Identifying optimal price points

Understand price sensitivity around new propositions.

Research benefits

Segmenting your audiences

Explore viewers’ preferences and behaviours. Inform your media campaign planning and strategy. Identify the segments that offer strong future opportunities for growth.

Maximising engagement

Build engagement with your audiences to better understand how to optimise products and services. Then, give them what they want and sell more!

Driving acquisitions

Discover opportunities to offer new products – or make tweaks to existing ones. Attract new customers and improve advocacy.

Increasing content revenue and value

Turbocharge your product portfolio. Which ones provide the greatest value? And what’s the best way to capitalise on this? Is it via increased advertising yields, or via direct-to-consumer payments?

Research methods

Content testing

Content testing

Communication effectiveness

Communication effectiveness

Campaign evaluation

Campaign evaluation

Creative development

Creative development

Digital ad performance research (DAP)

Digital ad performance research (DAP)

Sponsorship evaluation

Sponsorship evaluation

Case studies

Sky MediaOptimising advertisement engagement

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AOLCompelling visual content

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FREE NOWCampaign evaluation

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