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LCCI London Tomorrow Survey: after Brexit, what’s next for the capital?

Survey of London public, businesses and Councillors regarding the future of London on behalf of the LCCI.

  • Londoners can see a range of potential post-Brexit opportunities, particularly around international trade
  • But risks are envisaged with access and cost of trade with European markets
  • Post Brexit, attention needs to be turned to other priorities such as housing and knife crime
  • And more local control over tax spend, immigration and housing is important for London to prosper

Date Published: 28/03/2019

Categories: Business | London | Policy Makers | Professionals | Public and communities

Client: LCCI


ComRes interviewed 502 London business decision makers, 1,011 members of the London public, and 113 London councillors between 22nd February and 20th March 2019.  All data were weighted to be representative of:

  • All London businesses by company size and broad industry sector
  • All London adults by age, gender, London region and socio-economic grade
  • All London councillors by party and London region
  1. London-Tomorrow-Business-Tables_2019 -0 KB.
  2. London-Tomorrow-Councillors-Tables_2019 -0 KB.

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