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Communications testing research

The world has become inundated with media making it harder for comms to be seen, let alone for key messages to land. Current comms testing solutions are based off old rules of engagement and objectives. Our approach to communications testing research will help you optimise cut through and improve business outcomes.

Our approach

Our world has become more cluttered and louder, making it harder for consumers to sort out what they are being asked to do. It’s no longer the marketer’s responsibility to just do creative and comms work that cuts through, they need to ‘own’ the ability for consumers to get what they are saying.

Ads we are exposed to can run into the thousands on any given day and we need to make a similar number of decisions within this context, so in this context we are prone to make decisions quickly and frequently. We ensure your brand communications research delivers the intended message to the intended person by launching comms without concern for comprehension.

We’ve created three pillars to our Communications Testing research delivering:

  1. Operational excellence at speed: By leveraging our established Savanta Essentials comms and creative testing approach, providing an automated solution.
  2. Consolidating business requirements: Making sure what we develop can cater for comms & creative testing needs across the journey, creating efficiency and consolidating investment.
  3. A flexible & targeted partnership model: A method agnostic solution built on three levels, from quantitative self-serve to providing strategic guidance on comms optimisation, depending on comms objective and your need at any point in time.

KPI Direct

We provide 100% templated to core elements with direct access to your dashboard reporting. Our approach is optimised to be cost effective, time efficient and at scale. By measuring against agreed KPIs, with ability to create specific benchmark scores, you can access broader benchmarks.

Sense Check

Leaner, streamlined approach, with limited comms diagnostics. Designed for quick optimisation scenarios


Full assessment of communications, typically with strategic guidance and consultation. Rich and deep diagnostics explaining how well objectives are being met and identify comms elements impacting performance, both positive and negative.

Research benefits

Our communications testing research will provide…

Flexible solutions

We ensure we answer the brand brief, not force fit into some pre existing KPI’s or framework

Clarity in decision making

Delivering clear explanations of what’s working and what’s not, with full strategic debrief and diagnostics.

Underpinned by context

Provide both strategic and tactical examples within the communications that are driving success or getting in the way, both specific or end-to-end across the customer journey.

Creative solutions

Present results in a creative, optimised manner so teams can make the work better; not just red, yellow green or scorecards.

Research methods

Creative development & testing

Campaign evaluation

Sponsorship evaluation

Content testing

Digital Ad Performance (DAP)

Media strategy

Case studies

Sky MediaOptimising advertisement engagement

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Communications Testing overview
Current comms testing solutions are based off old rules of engagement and objectives.

Download our one page approach to communications testing research to help you optimise cut through and improve business outcomes.
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