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Consumer Audiences


High quality data is at the heart of great decision making. So, you need to be sure you’re researching the consumer market in a way that’s on-brand and engaging, while also being cost-effective and valuable for you.

With access to over 100m consumers and 600 profile points in more than 95 countries, we offer the ultimate international reach. Plus, you’ll have the confidence that your retail or consumer packaged goods (CPG) audience research can be conducted quickly, efficiently and at scale, for both qualitative and quantitative projects.

Our approach

The first step is to find the right consumers to speak to. Whether that’s existing customers, prospects, or brand rejectors, our consumer audience research team has unrivalled access to both mass market and niche market audiences. We can fast track the recruitment process and ensure your questionnaire is succinct, savvy, and successful. You’ll have unparalleled speed and access to target audience research through a single point of contact.

High quality panels

Along with our panel, all our partners are measured against rigorous quality checks and only those who qualify can join. We analyse, assess and set metrics around recruitment to focus on attracting the highest quality panellists and we screen regularly for fraudulent members.


Multi-national projects

Our experience in running global projects means we can provide audience access, as well as conduct interviews in local languages. This global reach and local knowledge mean we understand the best way to engage individuals across different geographic markets.


Customer partnerships

Sometimes access panels are not always the solution; audiences are either too niche or too bespoke, which means a standard solution becomes too expensive. In this case, we employ our proprietary messaging technology to create customer partnerships with publishers and databases to find the exact audience you require.

Research benefits

Speak to the right people

Our rigorous checks and validations ensure we’re speaking to the right consumers. It’s no mean feat. Rather than having to source them cold, our established networks mean we can speak to consumers to gain rapid access to key insight.

High quality, considered insights

We have decades of audience research experience and are well-versed in interviewing international consumers. We know how to engage and communicate with consumer audiences and can interpret local nuances to provide you with market-relevant insights.

Research methods




Behavioural science

Audience expertise


Engage with decision makers. Key to the success of business to business (B2B) engagement is high quality target audience research.


High quality data is at the heart of great decision making. We ensure you’re researching the consumer market in a way that’s on-brand and engaging.


Considering their spend and potential, the High-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) audience is vital to understand for luxury, high-end brands.


From Westminster to Brussels understanding the ever-evolving political landscape is key to your reputation, policy positioning and engagement activities.

Higher education

From applicants to students and graduates and an unsurpassed youth and student research panel, we provide target audience research for further and higher education specialist audiences.


Brands targeting the youth market need target audience research that offers instant access to the UK’s largest, most engaged youth research panel – ours! With 150,000 under-30s and over 1,000 data points, we can expose the diverse interests and opinions of the younger generation.

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Canada LifeProposition development

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innocent drinksProviding contextual direction

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"Any business needs to outpace its competitors and accelerate delivery of insights which can be used to grow performance and value. Virtually all customer-facing initiatives have been formed using this unique approach to customer tracking and subsequent performance analysis. The member trackers have given us an invaluable tool for assessing what our customers actually want, not what we think they want.”

Fitness First

“As a not-for-profit organisation, every pound counts, so it’s absolutely vital we get the most out of our ads to maximise their impact, with the media budget available. We already had a strong ad but what I found really useful about the approach was knowing which elements were working harder for us and why, and which parts less so – all of which helped inform what changes were required to really cut-through. This gave me confidence to air the ad going forwards but also informed our cut downs. As a result we achieved impressive business outcomes with strong Golden Quarter results.”

Nuffield Health Poonam Davé, Head of Brand and Planning
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