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Use data science and advanced analytics research to support business decision-making, identify new investment opportunities, and much more.

Our approach

To make better decisions, you need to know who, what, how, and why. By bringing clarity to research findings - combining insightful reporting and analytics - we add real value. We’re experts in driving business-relevant insights and providing lasting solutions.

We cover the full spectrum of data management. From sample and weighting, data processing and statistics, to management consulting and scripting, plus everything in between… We’ll adapt our approach to suit your needs.

With data science we can go deeper to unlock the full value of your data collection. Combining sets from various internal and external sources, we create predictive models using R, Python, and other software to signal trends and their implications.

Our range of analytical tools and technologies provide a full array of data outputs and complex analysis. After all, great research is an art - but also a science.

Research benefits

With data science we can go deeper to unlock the full value of your data collection.

Identifying investment opportunities

Quantify potential sales or customer segments, by discovering new opportunities for your products or services.

Improving customer value and retention

Increase retention and reduce customer churn in service-based industries like telecoms, insurance, finance, or any other sector.

Predicting future consumer trends

Identify threats and growth opportunities for existing products and services, to inform your framework for future strategies.

Supporting business decision-making

It's all about minimizing your financial risk, by creating a strategy that validates future business and marketing approaches.

Understanding the reasons behind behavior

Advanced analytics and data science techniques evaluate consumers’ subconscious decision-making processes. See which key drivers or trade-offs matter most.


Conjoint and MaxDiff trade-off

Understand how consumer choices are affected by product features and pricing. Analyze choice modelling, strategic game theory, opportunity sizing, and much more.


Correspondence mapping

Need to show how closely brands and variables are related to each other? By providing a visual representation of brand territory, we help you visualiez relationships – between groups, objects, individuals, and variables.


Expectancy analysis and forecasting

Create a level playing field. Identify how you perform against competitors. Forecast your sales in turbulent or opaque markets to facilitate your sales planning.


Key driver analysis (KDA) and market modelling

Measure and understand underlying reasons driving KPIs, to improve processes and maximize performance. Model pricing scenarios. Estimate the size of new opportunities.


Pricing analysis

Quantify price elasticity and price optimization to find the optimum combination of perceived value and cost.


Purchase decision-making and range optimization

Map and prioritize factors in complex purchase funnels. Help sales teams to target the right stakeholders with the right messages and propositions. Optimize range appeal amongst customers with total unduplicated reach and frequency (TURF) analysis.

Research methods

Quantitative research

Quantitative research





Data analysis & visualization

Data analysis & visualization

Case studies

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