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Ideation & concept development research

Ground your innovations in consumer insight by getting your next big ideas validated with ideation and concept development research.

Our approach

Not every great idea is a profitable business idea. If only it were that easy! But an idea has a far greater chance of success, if it’s inspired by the needs of the very people you’re targeting.

Ideation – based on consumer insight – early in the innovation process will address your audience’s precise needs. We’ve been working with leading brands on this for years. Our ideation and concept development services expertise will help you generate ideas and refine early-stage concepts that are set up for success.

Our modular approach means we can support you at each stage of the pre-funnel process, including identifying consumer trends, developing innovation platforms, co-creating ideas, and crafting concepts. This gives stakeholders the robust and thorough evidence required to prove your ideas are worth investing in.

We ask your audience. You create new product concepts with confidence.


Establishing aims and addressing knowledge gaps

We work with you to fully understand the business context, both internal and external, to frame the challenges and innovation parameters. We also use consumer and expert immersions to uncover a deeper understanding.


Screening and validating insights

Next, we link the relevant consumer needs and wants to motivating solutions, by screening and validating insights.


Developing and refining territories

We run co-creation ideation workshops with you – and often, target consumers as well – to keep ideas grounded in insight. These sessions will produce innovation territories and a wide range of concepts.


Assessing preferred concepts

We quantitatively evaluate many concepts, validating the best ones to develop further. To rate concepts, we test both System 1 (instant reactions) and System 2 (rational, considered responses).

Research benefits

Giving your customers what they want

Does your concept development address your customers’ pain points? We'll help you give your customers what they want (and need) to increase product demand during launch.

Understanding implicit responses to concepts

We don’t just rely on data. We also use implicit response testing (IRT) to time your customers’ reactions and evaluate subconscious impressions. It's fascinating!

Identifying the best commercial opportunities

Insights are your friend when it comes to making the right decisions. The ones that maximise return on investment for your exciting new product ideas.

Applying a global and local lens to innovation

For innovation to fly, you need a global and local lens to bring a true perspective to each project. Luckily, we've got the worldwide experience you need.

Research methods

Product & service development

Product & service development

Concept testing

Concept testing

Product testing

Product testing

Pricing strategy

Pricing strategy

Range optimization

Range optimization

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