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5 qualities data must possess to be powerful

Olly Warren Senior Director, EMEA 5 October 2022

Data is one of the most powerful resources in any business – it can be used to make better decisions, track performance, and inspire insights that fuel innovation.

At Savanta, we firmly believe that rich data is the life blood of any enterprise.

Savanta understand that these five qualities are crucial, and we place these at the heart of our offering.

While not all data is created equal, our experts believe there are five key qualities it must possess to be useful and impactful:

1. Accurate

Data should reflect reality accurately and must make sense – after all, you cannot make important decisions based on false information. If sales data is inaccurate, you won’t know which parts of your business/product are doing well and which aren’t. Try a suite of online and mobile qual research tools to sanity check quantitative data or test out concepts and product features before launch.

2. Quality

Some datasets are bound to offer better insights than others. However, erroneous data skews results and will not be helpful in understanding customer behaviour. Subjecting data from panels and surveys to industry-standard quality assurance and implementing tools to regularly check data quality, are of utmost importance. When it comes to qualitative data, triangulation and corroborating results with a peer researcher can be ways to ensure quality.

3. Reliable

It’s easy to end up comparing apples to oranges with data that changes over time – reliable data, however, remains valid even as circumstances change. Advanced statistical analysis tools can help you read between the lines and close the gap between data and insight.

4. Fast

A swift, timely and streamlined delivery with a single point of contact between the commissioner and the research agency is second-to-none. As clients’ deadlines are only getting tighter, data’s no good if it comes too late. Getting same-day validation from a specific audience to support ideas is now possible!

5. Valuable

In a tough economic climate, research insights are essential to inform future strategies – but they can often be quite costly. Collecting insightful data shouldn’t break the In addition to our competitive bespoke offering, we also provide pre-packed solutions – plenty of options for when budgets are tight.


Using rich data effectively provides grounds to make better decisions to achieve competitive advantage and a deeper understanding of customer needs. Savanta understand that these five qualities are crucial, and we place these at the heart of our offering.

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